Regula Gönner – Understand and debug TCP

Regula Gönner – Understand and debug TCP

Name Product: Regula Gönner – Understand and debug TCP
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Author: Regula Gönner

Finally understand how TCP works and why it fails sometimes

The course will explain

how a TCP session is started and terminated
how data is transferred
determine segment size
ramp up throughput
acknowledge all the packets
what impacts TCP performance
relevant things required for the analysis
typical issues of TCP connections
wrong MSS
adjusted MSS
no window scaling
The course will use trace files to explain the things as you see them in real world and the files are available for download.

Understanding TCP is crucial as the majority of data is transferred with TCP. The performance of the transmission is impacted by many TCP details and performance analysis and optimization requires a good background on TCP. Finding and fixing issues will also not be possible without understanding the protocol. After this course you will be able to find faults, check options and understand the performance.

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