Target Focus Training – Justified Lethal Force

Target Focus Training – Justified Lethal Force

Name Product: Target Focus Training – Justified Lethal Force
Download Size: 3.52 GB
COST: $66= Yours Free

Video footage of an actual 3-day live training event at a secluded Federal Law Enforcement training center in the southwestern US desert. The first (and only) time anyone’s been allowed to release footage of a ‘behind-closed-doors’ US Federal Government live training session.

Presented specifically for Federal Agents so a bit more graphic and straightforward but EVERYTHING shown applies directly to your ability to survive a hostile situation. You’ll be shocked at how their Force Continuum (the document that defines how they deal with escalating violence) left these Agents and Federal officers completely unprepared to handle terrorists, drug dealers and murderers. And if these highly-trained Agents didn’t understand why… odds are you don’t either! Covers hand-to-hand, self defense against weapons including knives, guns and clubs, lethal leverage (joint breaking), striking with 3X your body weight, as well as training for special situations.

More than 6 hours of instructional video contained on 3 DVDs.
Effective tools that are immediately usable against any hostile threat (even without practice).
Live follow-up teleconference call with Tim Larkin and other Master Instructors.

It’s your chance to be a fly-on-the-wall as we show Federal Agents what they must do to survive against someone out to serious injure or kill them… the exact self defense that’ll keep you alive as well.

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