Your Orgasmic Body Toolkit

Your Orgasmic Body Toolkit

Name Product: Your Orgasmic Body Toolkit
Download Size: 4.69 GB
COST: $79= Yours Free

The Ultimate Toolkit for a deep intimate connection with your own ORGASMIC BODY!

You will love this great combination of some of my most powerful programs all in one.

Your Orgasmic Body Toolkit combines everything you need to begin the process of realigning with your innermost essence. Through using the tools in Your Orgasmic Body Toolkit you will reconnect with your beautiful body!

Through meditation, gentle stretches and deeper understanding of your body’s messages you will begin to blossom into a whole new you!

Your toolkit includes:

• Orgasmic Bedroom Yoga – Gently release old emotional issues in your tissues by tapping into the stores of energy within your own body! A gateway to self-healing!
• Reclaim Your Breath – Recharge your batteries with this exceptional breathing technique.
• Body Activation Training – A unique meditative training that activates your power circuits and creates positive neural pathways.
• Aligning Your Orgasmic Body – The power of Sacred Body Language and communication lies within your own amazing body, learn how to align yourself with your purpose and move forward with ease and confidence.
• Common Body Shapes & Meanings – A quick reference tool for body shape secrets and their interpretation.
• Body Scanning Meditation – Gain a deep understanding of your body’s messages and how your body reacts to the stresses of daily life

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